Green Architecture

Building a sustainable future is a core belief at Concord Consulting Group. We approach green practice as a holistic endeavour for all of our projects, from concept to reality.
We balance energy efficiency and resource conservation with the essentials of budget and program requirements.

We practice environmentally responsible design through an understanding of site and context, selection of building materials, use of appropriate technology and analysis of life cycle costs.

At Concord we take a green approach to retrofitting building owners not only bolster brand identity, reputation and shareholder value. They owners enjoy the added advantage of reduced absenteeism, as well as increased occupant satisfaction and employee productivity.

Our current projects demonstrate how sustainable building upgrades yield environmental and business benefit and we are committed to continually educating our staff with the latest technologies and sustainable practices to achieve the best in green practices of architectural designs.

Green and sustainable design is a comprehensive, multi-strategy approach that we at Concord apply to the design and operation of buildings and building sites.

We offer independent and Comprehensive Green Building Design and Consultancy services including:

  • Sustainable Design Consulting
  • Site master planning and building concept design
  • Energy efficient design
  • Energy modeling, auditing and sustainability process tools
  • Renewable and alternative energy technologies and systems
  • Green materials selection
  • Water usage optimization
  • Ventilation system design strategies
  • Design and Specification Review
  • Owners Sustainability Representative
  • LEED Certification Project Management
  • Building Commissioning